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the endurance method

Endurance Cycling Coaching

Bespoke Endurance Cycling Coaching Tailored to You. 

In a holistic approach, ensuring the fundamental principles of training.


Become a better Athlete!

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Focused on Endurance

Achieving elite endurance requires a holistic approach.

From Biomechanical to nutrition and sports psychology.

A full spectrum of endurance training

Metabolic optimization

Rooted in scientific research and evidence-based content, ensuring practical applications focused on endurance sports nutrition to enlighten and educate athletes.


ongoing physiological and metabolic analysis, as well as analysis of routes and respective race preparation and strategy for ultradistance events.

meet the coach


I'm Edgar, a 43-year-old Portuguese cycling coach with a story woven into every pedal stroke. My journey began not with a decade of coaching, but with the relentless pursuit of my own cycling goals. This pursuit ignited a deeper curiosity, leading me to embrace a holistic approach fueled by an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

Years of experience have equipped me with a versatile toolkit, including data analysis, a vital asset in crafting endurance personalized training. My recent foray into ultradistance cycling, both as coach and athlete, has provided invaluable firsthand insights into the demands of this unique discipline.

But passion alone doesn't make a coach. My dedication is backed by a level III coaching qualification, a postgraduate degree in sports performance, and a certification in sports nutrition for endurance sports. Additionally, I've delved deeper with modular training on the cardiorespiratory system, energy metabolism,  metabolic assessment and recently a specialization in Sports psychology.

I'm proficient in TrainingPeaks, a platform I've honed my skills with for years, and utilize tools like WKO for advanced training data analysis. But these are just tools. What truly sets me apart is my deep respect for the fundamental principles of exercise physiology and the critical role of nutrition. As athletes, we are indeed what we eat, and I believe a coach, especially in demanding disciplines like cycling, must understand this connection intimately.

I strive to be more than just a coach; I'm your partner in pushing beyond limits, fueled by passion, knowledge, and a commitment to your success.

Happy training, and may your journey be as enriching as mine!

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